8km 640x512 Vehicle Infrared Thermal imaging Surveillance System

8km 640x512 Vehicle Infrared Thermal imaging Surveillance System

Model No.︰TY-S4

Brand Name︰TIanYing

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰2 set

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Product Description

China TianYing TY-S4 thermal imaging camera system deliver auto tracking fighter beyond 12km, auto tracking helicopter beyond 8km and measurement target moving data.

TY-S4 thermal camera system offer precise information and clear view, which is why TianYing Optical seeks to offer the most reliable surveillance solution. It is a fully stabilized, compactly designed surveillance system which bundles various state-of-the-art sensors. Thus, offering the user a large variety of functions comprised in only one device. 

The TY-S4 thermal camera system is installed in platforms on land vehicles, ships or tower. it is available as a stand-alone unit or can be fully integrated into CMS systems.

TY-S4 2 axis gimbal turret 8000m thermal imaging camera system Features:
1. Stable 360 degrees continuous turn gimble and max slew rotation speed 100 degrees per second.

2, The stabilization accuracy: < 0.5mard , normal delivery 200μradian (RMS).

3. The latest Uncooled 40mk 640x512 Infrared Thermal Imaging Core with F1 big lens.

4. Daylight/Lowlight CCD-TV with continuous zoom optics.

5. 5Hz/12.5Hz 12km laser rangefinder.

6. Day night detect fighter 14km and auto tracking 12km, detect helicopter 10km and auto tracking 8km.

7. Stable target tracking and Multi-model auto tracker.

8. Less than 73 cubic decimeter in size.

9. Less than 50kg in total weight.

10. Working temperature: -40°C to + 60°C.

11. Option radar tracking and output target coordinate.

TY-S4 2 axis gimbal turret thermal camera system recommended use:
1) Maritime Patrol;

All weather surveillance, day/night long stand-off range detection, identification and tracking of naval targets.

2) Search and Rescue;

All weather, day/night detection of naval units in distress and/or men at sea.

3) Coast Guard/Police Operations;

All weather, day/night detection and identification of illegal activities (immigration, smuggling, poaching, etc...).

4) Land Operations;

All weather, day/night support to surveillance, reconnaissance, target detection and track task.

Product Image

TianYing electric optical turret system thermal camera auto tracking airplane.

TianYing 640x512/640x480/1024x768 thermal camera search target.

TianYing 640x512/640x480 thermal imager see person target.

TianYing 640x512/640x480/1024x768 continuous focus uncooled thermal camera search target.