Mid Range Cooled Thermal Cameras

21-420mm Continuous Zoom 8km/12km Cooled Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

640x512 Cooled Thermal Camera recognize vehicleC30-300: 6.5km, C21-420: 8km, 

China TianYing C21-420 continuous zoom cooled thermal imaging cameras deliver high reliability, sharp clarity image, recognition vehicle beyond 8km and detection vehicle beyond 12km - 640x512, that were especially designed for use by defense and homeland security system integrators.  the 26° wide angle view will give you excellent situational awareness.

The C21-420 provides powerful continuous optical zoom capability on the thermal image, this way operators can gradually zoom in while keeping your focus all the time, customize their active field of view, observe from WFOV to NFOV without ever losing sight of potential threats that is possibility, by spending zoom time and focus time.

The camera features a high reliability 20x continuous zoom cooled thermal camera with the smallest size, that is very convenient alone use and easy integrated into the customer's gimbals, such as airborne/ maritime/ border /coastal gimbal system.

C21-420 8km/12km surveillance cooled thermal imaging cameras specification features: 
1) The latest Cooled 15microns 25mk(F4) 640x512 HgCdTe Infrared Thermal Imaging Sensor Core.

2) Combine high end 21-420mm continuous zoom F4 lens detect vehicle 12km, recognize vehicle 8km.

3) Optics axis accuracy 1.5 pixel.

4) MRTD better than 300mK(F4).

5) Full zoom time < 12 seconds in -40 degrees.

6) Two ways video output: one way 50Hz/60Hz analog and one way 100Hz/120Hz digital camera link.

7) Control interface RS232/RS422 alternative.

8) Cooler MTTF > 10000 hours.

9) Only 234mm in length.

10) Less than 4.8kg weight(including house).

11) Working low temperature (-40° C) and high temperature (+60° C or +70° C).

12) Easy operation, high reliability, easy to be integrated into the customer's gimbals, such as airborne/ maritime/ border /coastal gimbal system.

C21-420 continuous zoom cooled thermal imaging infrared camera Recommended Use: 
1) Search rescue.

2) Border, coastal, perimeter etc surveillance.

3) Protection of sensitive sites.

4) Law enforcement.

5) Maritime patrol.

6) Weapon sites.

7) Force protection.

8) Target tracking systems.

9) Fire control systems for land, air and sea targets.

10) Special operations.


When working range is more than 15km, then theory range data will decline rapidly, this is why 750mm, 1000mm and 1200mm focus 640x512 cooled thermal cameras detect range that is approx. 20km(vehicle) in normal weather condition, we already test 750mm focus, 1000mm focus, 1200mm focus, and 1650mm focus 640x512 cooled thermal camera working distance.


Custom WFOV to Ultra Extreme NFOV Long Range cooled thermal MWIR mid wave lenses are available, including 300mm diameter big lens.

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