Giant 5x200 1000m Gen 2+ Night Vision Scope

Giant 5x200 1000m Gen 2+ Night Vision Scope

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Product Description

Giant 5x200 military night vision scope is a exceptional performance and clarity night vision device, incorporating long focus, larger lens, small magnification, and modern image intensification tube technology, used for observing, searching, photographing, roughly measuring and goniometry within 1000m human target, and within 2000m vehicle target at night. That is irreplaceable for border protection, long-range night photo/video, wild life observation under extreme weather condition's night such as rain, freeezing rain, ice, snow, dirt and dust etc, especially at sea or in the desert.

Giant 5x200 night vision scope Recommended Use:

1). Military.

2). Law enforcement

3). .Professtional

Giant 5x200 night vision scope Interface:

1). Tripod

2). Video output. 

Giant 5x200 military night vision scope Main Features:

1). 360°range of motion in azimuth and +/- 45°range of motion in elevation.

2). Sturdy tripod.

3). Illuminated reticle with range finder and goniometry.

4). High image quality across the screen.

5). Unique high quality optics, with high light transmission.

6). Large eyepiece, dual eye binocular observation.

7) Europe standard Gen 2+ tube: Automatic brightness control ( ABC ) and Automatic hight-light cutoff.

8). Adapter set to attach video camera and output image to computer or monitor.

9). Longe observaton man range over 1000m at low light levels (1x10-3Lux starlight or 1x10-4 Lux on at cloudy night).

10).Meets military standard Mil-Std GJB 150 :Humidity(98%), sand/dust, ice/freezing rain, shock, vibration,working low temperature(-40° C) and high temperature (+50 ° C).

Giant 5x200 military night vision scope Specification:




Europe standard Gen 2+ Image Intensifier

Visual magnification, x


Angular field of view, degree


Objective lens diameter, mm


Resolution, lp/mm


Eye Relief, mm


Diopter adjustment, diopter


Focus range, meter

50m to infinity

Operating voltage, V


Max. operating time with one set of batteries, hour

more than 20 hours

Rotaion range in horizontal platitude x Elevation range

360° x +/-45°

Camera adaptable / Video output / Tripod Mount


Environmental resistant

Meet MIL-STD-GJB150: Humidity 98%, sand/dust,
ice/freezing rain, shock, vibration.

Operating/storeage temperature, °C

-40C to +50°C/-50°C to +60°C

Dimensions, mm


Weight with a tripod, kg


Performance characteristics


Recognize a standing man

(starlight) exceeds 1000m (1/4 moon) exceeds 2000m

Detect a vehicle

(starlight) exceeds 2000m (1/4 moon) exceeds 3000m

* - Note

*- Technical information is subject to change without notice.
** - Depending on the region of sale.

 Giant 5x200 night vision scope standard packing:

 1) Giant night vision.  2) hard case of Giant night vision. 3) Tripod, 4) tripod soft case. 5) Lens cloth. 6) use manual.

Giant 5x200 night vision scope Warranty:

1). Purchasing night vision device product entitles you to a 1 Year Warranty from the original date of purchase.

2). At our discretion your equipment can be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished product or parts, if any product or parts are determined to be defective due to materials or workmanship. Shipping & handling is not included in this warranty.

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Giant 5x200 1000m Gen 2+ Night Vision ScopeGiant 5x200 1000m Gen 2+ Night Vision Scope

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