2MP 10mm ~ 300mm Achromatic Coaxial Defog CCTV camera zoom lens

2MP 10~300mm Coaxial Zoom Achromatic CCTV Camera Lens

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Product Description

2MP 300mm focus 30x coaxial achromatic defog CCTV security camera lens Recommended Use:

1. Long range high accuracy measurement aiming.

2. Long range high accuracy weapon sight.

3. Long range high accuracy defense.

4. Long range high accuracy target tracking.

5. Anti-missile.

TVL300 2MP 300mm focus precision coaxial surveillance security camera lens specifications:

1, Detect range: 6km for human, 10km for 6m x 3m vehicle/boat,

    Recognize range: 4km for human, 8km for 6m x 3m vehicle/boat.

2, Support sensor effective pixels: up to and including 8 Megapixel.

3, Focal length: 10mm to 300mm, 30x optical zoom.

4, Support supper defog.

5, Support achromatic.

6, Optical axis precision consistency: less than 3 pixels.

7, Operating type : Auto focus, electro zoom.

8, Operating Temperature: -40°C to +60°C.

9, Only 1100 cubic centimeters in size.

10, Less than 1.2kg weight.

11, Quality meet military standard.

Note: *- Technical information is subject to change without notice.  ** -Depending on the region of sale.

Product Image

2MP 10mm ~ 300mm Achromatic Coaxial Defog CCTV camera zoom lens2MP 10mm ~ 300mm Achromatic Coaxial Defog CCTV camera zoom lens

You can quickly find weak infrared radiation target and the tree shade target by the video.

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