• TP384 Infrared Body Temperature Rapid Screening Thermal Imaging Camera
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  • TP384 Infrared Body Temperature Rapid Screening Thermal Imaging Camera
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  • TP384 Infrared Body Temperature Rapid Screening Thermal Imaging Camera

TP384 Infrared Body Temperature Rapid Screening Thermal Imaging Camera

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TianYing or OEM

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1 pc

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Product Description

TP384 is a special infrared human body temperature screening device. This thermal imaging camera has extraordinary functions such as high accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, high-temperature auto tracking, quickly lock the target etc. Currently, it is widely used in railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, airports, hospitals, schools, government buildings, enterprises and institutions, shopping malls, food markets, parks and other public places for investigation of abnormal body temperature. With palm treasure design, compact and lightweight body, visible light function, TP384 can effectively improve the efficiency of detection.

TP384 Infrared Body Temperature Steady Rapid Screening Thermal Imaging Camera Features:
1, Steady uncooled detector with 384x288.

2, Measurement accuracy ≤±0.5ºC in 10 ~ 32℃ ambient temperature ( In 6m typical ≤ ±0.3ºC).

3, Effective range 10m.

4,Visible and infrared image fusion and overlay.

5,Sound and light alarm, 40 seconds voice recording.

6, Multiple temperature measurement modes: high and low temperature auto tracking, line temperature measurement, isothermal analysis.

7, 3.2" Rotatable display for viewing at different angles.

8, Motorized lens, auto focus.

9, Palm design, weighing only 400g.

10, Free professional analysis software

Applications :  Clinical Diagnosis, Veterinary, Medical Research, Disease field, Public area.

1, Why many dual sensor measurement body temperature thermal device price is very cheap?

Because the quality of their products is not guaranteed, also their factory is only assembly device and cut corners.

2, Why measurement accuracy must note ambient temperature?

Because ambient temperature will affect measuring accuracy, also ambient temperature of each model product is different for accurate measurement.

3, Why measurement accuracy must note effective range?

Because range will affect measuring accuracy, effective range of each model product is different for accurate measurement, even in 1m can not be accurate measurement.

4, Is blackbody necessary?

Not, blackbody is mainly correct temperature accuracy, some high end device no need blackbody, then temperature accuracy can be 0.3ºC in 6m too.

5, Why your thermal device price is higher than other company' thermal device?

Because thermal device quality is different, if used for same standard, then our price is very cheap.

This is why their thermal device do not show main performance details, such as accuracy details and effective range details.

6, Why you need select our product?

Because our product already tested and used by many customer. our product performance is very steady, many Station, Hospital, School, Enterprises that are using for our product. Also, some governments use our products as medical equipment.

TP384 Infrared Body Temperature Steady Rapid Screening Thermal Camera Specifications:

Item TP384
Detector Data
Type Uncooled FPA
IR resolution 384×288  or 160x120
Pixel pitch 17μm
Spectral range 7.5~14μm
NETD/Sensitivity 50mK
Lens Data
FOV 24°× 18°
Minimum imaging distance 30cm- 384x288, 15cm-160x120.
IFOV 1.2mrad - 384x288, 2.3mrad -160x120.
Focus Motor/Auto
Lens(optional) 45°×34°, 12°×9°/25mm
Image Performance
Display High definition 3.2 "color digital LCD display, rotatable,800×480
Visual camera 3 megapixel CMOS, auto focus, 1 led fill light
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Amplification 1X~8X Continuous zoom
Color palettes 12 options (including iron red, rainbow, black hot and white hot)
Contrast/Brightness Auto/Manual
Temperature range +30ºC~+45ºC
Measurement accuracy ±0.5ºC  in 10~32℃ ambient temperature ( in 6m typical ±0.3ºC)
Effective range 10m
Measurement mode Real-time 4 movable points, 3 movable areas (highest temperature, lowest temperature capture, average temperature measurement), movable line temperature measurement, isothermal analysis, temperature difference measurement, temperature alarm (sound, color)
Measurement correction Auto/Manual
Emissivity correction Adjustable emissivity from 0.01 to 1.0, or correct emissivity through a predefined material emissivity meter
Background temperature correction Auto (based on the entered background temperature)
Atmospheric transmissivity correction Auto (according to the entered distance, relative humidity, ambient temperature)
Function settings Date / time, temperature unit ºC/ºF/K, language
Image storage
Built-in memory Yes, can store> 500 frames
Storage media 8G, can store> 8000 frames
Storage method Auto / manual single frame image
Single frame infrared image format JPEG format with 14-bit measurement data image
One frame visible image format JPEG format, or stored with a single frame image (PIP)
Voice annotation 40s voice format, stored with image (built-in microphone)
Laser indicator
Laser classification Second level
Laser power 1mW
Laser wavelength 635nm red
Power interface Yes
SD card slot Yes
Video output CVBS
Audio output Yes
USB interface USB2.0, Image, measurement data, voice transmission to computer
Tripod 1/4" -20
Power System
Battery type Lithium battery, rechargeable
Operating time 3h continuous working (room temperature)
External power DC: 5V, ±5%
Charging system Smart charger or local charger
Power saving Yes
Environment Parameters
Operating temperature range -20ºC~+50ºC (Ambient temperature 10ºC -32ºC accurate temperature measurement)
Storage temperature range -40ºC~+70ºC
Humidity ≤95%(non-condensing)
Shock 2G(IEC60068-2-6)
Vibration 25G(IEC60068-2-29)
Encapsulation IP54(IEC60529)
Physical data
Size 128mm×62mm×154mm
Weight ≤0.4kg(With battery and standard lens)
Standard Thermal Imaging Camera(with standard lens), 2 lithium batteries, battery charger, adapter, USB cable, SD card, card reader, software CD, user manual, hard case
Optional accessories Laptop, SLR
Warranty 1 year

Note: * Product design and Technical information is subject to change without notice.

           ** Depending on the region of sale.


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TP384 show on TVTP384 show on TV

TP384 on stationTP384 on station

TP384 foreign countryTP384 foreign country

TP384 food marketsTP384 food markets

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