Binoculars BPC 8x30

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BPC 8x30

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Russian Federation

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Product Description

The binoculars are intended for viewing distant objects, landscapes, sports,theatre and circus performances.

The optical train of the binoculars is characterized by good correction. The optical elements have a multiple coating ,which improves the instrument characteristics.

Two light filters appended to the binoculars increase contrasty when viewing distant objects on bright sunny or foggy days.

Naturalists,nature loves, all those engaged in the protection of forests and waters ,tourists ,sportsmen, hunters will duly evaluate the BPC 8X30 binoculars.

Classical binoculars BPC series with Poro prism system, central focusing and diopter correction are made in light metal body which insures resistance to extreme temperature changes (from –40 to +50°C).

All models have multi layer coating, which gives the best light transmission and thebrightest images.

Specifications BPC5 8х30 BPC 10х40 BPC2 12х45 BPC 15х50 BPs 10х40*
Magnification, x 8 10 12 15 10
Angular field of vision , deg 8.5 6.5 5.33 5 6.5
Field of view at a distance of 1000 m, m 150 114 97 81 114
Objective lens diameter, mm 30 40 45 50 40
Exit pupil diameter, mm 3.75 4 3.75 3.3 4
Eye relief, mm 12 12 12 7.5 12
Resolution limit 6'' 4.7'' 4'' 3.6'' 4''
Overall dimensions, mm /
verall dimensions (rubber armoured), mm





192х 175х65/


195x195x60 175x155x55
Mass, kg/ Mass  (rubber armoured) , kg 0,62 / 0,7 0,72 / 0,8 0,85/0,9 1 0.75

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