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Product Description

NVMT Compact Head Mount
Sku # 29032
 The NVMT Compact Head Mount ensures stable positioning of a night vision device in front of the user’s eyes, even while in fast motion (pacing, running, abrupt movements). The head mount is simple and convenient in use. All adjustments, such as the 90˚ flip-lock, set the night vision device’s position relative to the eyes, are provided by one hand. The Head Mount can also be paired with a camouflage cover. The NVMT Head Mount features compact dimensions in stowed position and minimum weight (to 200 g). The Compact Head Mount combined with night vision devices (recommended for low magnification devices such as NVMT1 or NVMT4) is ideal for high-tech ranger games, night hiking and air-soft shooting, for different activities connected with observation in motion.

  • Hiking

  • Night Gaming

  • Hunting

  • Camping


  • Uses Special Leather to prevent skin irritation

  • Versatile

  • Lightweight

  • Makes a Great Gift

  • Yukon 4 Year Warranty

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The Compact Head Mount (SKU #29032) is designed for joint use with NVMT devices (24024, 24021, 24021WP models are recommended), Challenger and others. This allows hands-free operation of the night vision device in partial and complete darkness. The Head Mount ensures stable positioning of a night vision device in front of the user's eyes, even while in fast motion (pacing, running, abrupt movements). The Head Mount is simple and convenient to use. All adjustments, such as 90° raise of the unit, set the night vision device's position in the “forward-backward” and “right-left” directions relative to the eyes are made by one hand.





  • Head Mount with an adapter
  • User manual
  • Carrying case

For improvement purposes, design of this product is subject to change.




1) Adjust the size of the mask to fit your head using the straps. The mount must closely fit your head.

2) Affix the night vision device to the adapter (2) using the screw (1) (or two screws - depending on the adapter).

3) To adjust the position of the unit relative to the eyes, loosen the knobs (3), (4) and move the unit longitudinally, upwards and downwards adjusting its inclination angle. As you find the most comfortable position tighten the knobs (3), (4) to fix the setting.

4) To watch objects without the unit, place the unit vertically by pressing and holding the button (5).

5) When you are finished using the unit, remove the night vision device from the head mount by simply unfastening the screws (1).




Always store the Head Mount in its case in a dry well-ventilated and well-heated room away from heating/air conditioning vents.






The Manufacturer warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the original date of purchase. Any device returned for warranty service must be judged by the Manufacturer as having been used according to its original design intents. As such misuse, neglect, or any abnormal use is not covered by this warranty. The Manufacturer will repair or replace products or parts thereof, which, upon inspection by the Manufacturer, are found to be defective in either materials or workmanship. As a condition of the Manufacturer's obligation regarding warranty work, the product must be returned to the Manufacturer with a satisfactory proof of a purchase. It is highly recommended that you fill out and return your warranty registration card to ensure the warranty coverage. This warranty is null and void if equipment has been altered, tampered with modified, or otherwise abused, mishandled, or subjected to unauthorized repairs.


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