Gyro Stabilized 3-CCD  High-Definition Broadcast Camera System

Stabilized 3-CCD High-Definition Broadcast Camera System

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Product Description

TianYing EOST-360 innovates the broadcast and production industry with its unparalleled gyro-stabilization, providing the smoothest shots in the air, at sea and on rough terrain.

The system combines proven stability with best-in-industry professional broadcast and digital cinematography lenses and high-definition (HD) and ultra- HD cameras to provide exceptional range-performance and unmatched clarity.

TianYing EOST-360 is lighter and more compact than competing systems, making it the superior choice for aircraft, cable and rail systems, automobiles, boats, jibs and other mobile production platforms. Weighing less than 100lbs, the system allows affordable transport and requires under an hour for installation.

The system accepts multiple broadcast and cinema lenses for optical zoom capabilities ranging from the widest fields-of-view to the longest focal lengths available. With its unrivaled stability, extended range and performance at high altitudes, the EOST-360 is the ideal solution for remote monitoring applications.

EOST-360 Gyro Stabilized 3-CCD High-Definition (HD) Broadcast Camera System features:
1) Gyro stabilization accuracy:  better than 30μradian (RMS) and typical up to 15μradian.

2) True High-Definition 1080p Imagery.

3) Compact Size.

4) Light weight, less than 30kg.

5) Ergonomic handheld controller.

6) Easily Integrated into Existing Systems.

7) MIL-STD GJB 150: Humidity, sand/dust, ice/freezing rain, shock, vibration, working low temperature (-40° C) and high temperature (+55 ° C).

Product Image

Gyro Stabilized 3-CCD  High-Definition Broadcast Camera SystemGyro Stabilized 3-CCD High-Definition Broadcast Camera System

TianYing electric optical turret system thermal camera auto tracking airplane.

TianYing 640x512/640x480/1024x768 thermal camera search target.

TianYing 640x512/640x480 thermal imager see person target.

TianYing 640x512/640x480/1024x768 continuous focus uncooled thermal camera search target.

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