• Night Vision Riflescope Phantom 4x60 (Gen. 2+)
  • Night Vision Riflescope Phantom 4x60 (Gen. 2+)
  • Night Vision Riflescope Phantom 4x60 (Gen. 2+)
  • Night Vision Riflescope Phantom 4x60 (Gen. 2+)
  • Night Vision Riflescope Phantom 4x60 (Gen. 2+)

Night Vision Riflescope Phantom 4x60 (Gen. 2+)

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Yukon OR Pulsar

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US $ 3100 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

Night Vision Riflescope Phantom 4x60 (Gen. 2+) Sku # TY-NV42

The Phantom Night Vision Riflescope takes into account all requirements for modern night hunting. The Phantom has a strict design and highly functional. It is waterproof (gas filled optical channel, impermeability class IPX6) and can be used in precipitation of any intensity. The gas filled channel prevents optics and internal cavities of the riflescope from condensation that may be caused by temperature difference or higher humidity. Design of the body and a reinforced component tube ensure shockproof with the use of heavy recoil ammunition, including 9.3x62, 9.3x74, 375H&H. The Gen II+ tube with automatic brightness adjustment and along with high aperture lens provides sharp and clear picture. High light gain constant allows hunting even in situation of critically low night illumination (down to 10-4 lx – “night sky in clouds”). A problem of choosing a reticle also has been solved effectively. With the Phantom hunter can choose the most suitable configuration of the reticle and change it by simply pressing of the button. Voltage stabilization system eliminates risk of the reticle shift even with almost discharged battery. The hunter can choose one of the three reticles that suits the specific situation best and switch it by a simple push of a button. Blinking of the reticle means that the battery should be replaced within 15-30 minutes. A Weaver 7/8” rail on the left side of the body is used for affixing various accessories: additional and more powerful IR-illuminator, laser pointer, directional microphone etc. Main controls are on top of the upper board excluding unpredictable changes of setup parameters. * The riflescope may use various tube types, including EMP66G (Russia), DEP XX1441, XR (The Netherlands) etc.

Product features including:
1)Ergonomic design and easy-to-use interface
2)Highly shockproof
3)Quality high aperture optics
4)Objective lens with internal focusing
5)Nitrogen filled optical channel
6)IPX6 rating against water intrusion
7)Fine image quality and resolution
8)Effective operation in any conditions of night illumination
9)User choice of the reticle shapes
10)Stabilized power supply unit
11)Single CR123 or АА battery
12)Low battery indicator
13)Removable IR illuminator
14)Fast start-up function
15)Remote control with secure attachment
16)Weaver 7/8” rail on the body
17)Flip-up cap of the objective lens
18)Changeable mounts

Night Vision Riflescope Phantom 4x60 (Gen. 2+) Sku # TY-NV42 Specification:
Generation Gen 2+(EPM66G2)
Visual magnification, x 4x
Angular field of view, degree 11°
Objective lens, mm 60mm
Resolution, lp/mm 45lp/mm
Max. detection range, m * 800m@ 1/4 moon 0.05Lux
IR illuminator range, meter 100m
Eye Relief, mm 45mm
Diopter adjustment, diopter -3.5D to +3.5D
Focus range, meter 5m to infinity
Operating voltage, V 1.5V (1xAA)/3V(1xCR123)
Max. operating time with one set of batteries, hour 15/24 hours
Reticle type Thress red reticles
Reticle adjustable range, 0.527MOA per click
Rail mount MIL-STD-1913 rail
Operating temperature, °C -30 ... +40
Degree of protection, IP code (IEC 60529) IPX6
Dimensions, mm 320x95x103mm
Weight, kg 1kg
* - In normal viewing conditions (natural nocturnal illuminance 0.05 lux (quarter moon), no ** - Depending on the region of sale.

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