640x512 110~1100mm Zoom Cooled Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera detect human 16km

C1100 16km Human Surveillance Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera

C1100 16km Human Surveillance Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera

China TianYing C1100 110~1100mm continuous zoom cooled thermal imaging camera deliver high reliability, sharp clarity image, recognition human 10km and detection human 16km - 640x512, that were especially designed for use by defence and homeland security system integrator. The C1100 offers maximum sensor range performance by using proprietary continuous fields-of-view lens, highly sensitive sensors and unique video enhancement algorithms.

The C1100 camera has been proven that identify man-size target beyond 15km.

The camera features a high reliability long range cooled thermal camera with very compact size, that is very convenient alone use and easy integrated into airborne, maritime, border, coastal surveillance system.

C1100 extreme long range thermal imaging infrared camera Recommended Use:
1) Search rescue.

2) Border, coastal, perimeter etc surveillance.

3) Protection of sensitive sites.

4) Law enforcement.

5) Maritime patrol.

6) Weapon sites.

7) Force protection.

8) Target tracking systems and anti-aircraft systems.

9) Fire control systems for land, air and sea targets.

10) Special operations.

C1100 surveillance extreme long-range cooled thermal imaging cameras Specifications:

Model C1100
Detector Parameters
Detector type Cooled FPA HgCdTe
Pixels 640x512 15μm×15μm
Spectral Range 3.7μm~4.8μm
NETD ≤ 25mK (25ºC, F/5.5)
Cooling type Stirling Cycle Cooling
MTTF >10000 hours
Optics Parameters
Focus Length 110mm to 1100mm.
FOV 0.5° x 0.4° ~ 5° x 4°
10x optical zoom time + focus time Approx 12 seconds to 15 seconds.
Optical axis precision consistency < 10 pixels
Image Presentation 
Analog video output PAL, option NTSC.
Digital video output CameraLink
Frame frequency 30Hz, option 50Hz/60Hz,100Hz/120Hz.
Brightness Contrast Auto/Manual
Polarity; BH/WH
Command and control RS422, option RS232
Power Parameters 
Power supply 24V to 36V DC
Consumption ≤15W at 25ºC
Environmental Parameters 
Operating temperature -32ºC~+60ºC
Storage temperature -40ºC~+70ºC
Quality GJB150
Physical Parameters 
Weight  ≤17kg
Length ≤ 634mm
Color Ivory
Range Performance
Detection human range Approx 16 km
Recognition human range Approx 10 km
* - Note: *Technical information is subject to change without notice.
** - Depending on the region of sale.

When working range is more than 15km, then theory range data will decline rapidly, this is why 750mm, 1000mm and 1200mm focus 640x512 cooled thermal cameras detect range that is approx. 20km(vehicle) in normal weather condition, we already test 750mm focus, 1000mm focus, 1200mm focus, and 1650mm focus 640x512 cooled thermal camera working distance.


Custom WFOV to Ultra Extreme NFOV Long Range cooled thermal MWIR mid wave lenses are available, including 300mm diameter big lens.

C1100 Continuous Zoom Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera  

C1100 110-1100mm Continuous Zoom Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera see 10km human and vehicle