9km Man Surveillance 2MP 18~500mm Coaxial Zoom NIR CCTV Camera

2MP 1/1.8'' 18~500mm coaxial zoom CCTV Camera sight detect man 9km..

China TianYing SHD500 9km man surveillance security EO coaxial zoom CCTV camera is the world's advanced visual optronic sensor, engineered to aim and align targets when seen, specifically use in normal airborne, marine and land tactical platforms.

Only a compact EO camera replaces traditional continuous zoom, spotter, multi-spectral, HD color, NIR, low light and defog all TVS. Ruggedly built and sized to leave a tiny footprint, it stands up to harsh environmental conditions and fits into the most tightly constrained spaces.

The camera features a very compact 2MP 18~500mm pure optical zoom large aperture lens TV camera captures clear images and aligns targets with extraordinary accuracy simultaneously, that can deliver aligning target do not move when zoom.

SHD500 2MP 500mm Focal Length Long Range surveillance security camera specifications:

Model SHD500
Detect range Approx 9km for human, Approx 14km for 6m x 3m vehicle
Recognize range Approx 6km for human, Approx 12km for 6m x 3m vehicle
Effective sensor size 1/1.8 inch
Effective Pixels 2 Megapixel, option 5MP 2560 x 1920.
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Frame Rate 25Hz/30Hz.
Wavelength range 400nm ~ 950nm (0.4μm~0.7μm daylight, 0.7μm~0.95μm NIR)
Focal Length 18mm~500mm, 10x Optical Zoom.
Field of View(1/1.8'', 16:9),° 24.57° x 13.97° ~ 0.9° x 0.51°
Close-up distance, m 5m
Through-zoom boresight ≤ 3 pixels deviation, option other acuracy.
25x optical zoom time + focus time Approx 3 seconds.
Defog Option
Operating type Auto focus, electro zoom and digital magnification
Input / Output
Power supply DC12 600mA
Video output Analog, HD-SDI, HDMI
Network Option LAN
Image Control
Control interface RS422
Environmental Adaptability
Operating Temperature,°С -45°C to +70°C 
Storage Temperature -50ºC to +80ºC
Dimensions Approx
Weight  for lens
Packing and Warranty
Standarding accessories packing  hard case, user's manual, video cable, power cable
Warranty 1 year warranty and free lifetime maintenance.
Note: *- Technical information is subject to change without notice. ** -Depending on the region of sale.

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