35kg load 60°/s 0.06° accuracy Servo Remote Pan Tilt robotic heads

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Product Description

The TY-PT02 pan tilt is a fully functional robotic head. Suitable for outdoor, vehicle or ship, the head is nearly silent and supports up to 35 kilograms. The head features accurate and highly repeatable motion control of the camera as well as compatible servo-controlled lenses, also it can add radar tracking.

The head can tilt a total of 115° (45° down and 70° up), and can pan 360° continuous. typical max speed is 45°/s with 0.06°  accuracy, option max 60°/s . In sample grade, the model have minimum power consumption and minimum weight.

0.06° Accuracy 35kg Middle Payload Heavy-Duty Motorized Pan Tilt Robotic Heads Specification:

Model TY-PT02
Payload 35kg
Pan range 360° continuous
Tilt range -45° to + 70°
Typical max speed ≥ 45°/s, pan and tilt is same, option 60°/s.
Typical min speed ≤ 0.01°/s, pan and tilt is same.
Typical acceleration ≥ 45 °/ S², pan and tilt is same.
Overall system accuracy ≤ 0.06º including mechanical backlash + electric etc.
Shot recall repeatability ≤ 0.06º
Driven way Step motor plus worm-gear
Load mode Middle, option two side -mounted
Material die-cast aluminum alloy
Number of presets 200
Cruise cruising 8 tracks(each with 16 presets)
Data return channel Including
Position output Supports angle query and real-time return
Mechanical electric self-locking Support
Scaling Support
Signal guide Option support (radar linkage)
Electrical interface
Data interface RS422/RS485
Video output Analog, digital, SDI, option network
Protocol  Pelco-D
Baud Rate 9600bps
Power 220V AC, 50Hz
Power Consumption ≤ 150W
Environmental conditions
Operation Temperature -40ºC~+60ºC
Protection grade IP66
Dimensions, mm Approx 650 x 450 x 450
Weight, kg Approx 65kg
1, Auto tracker Multimode automatic tracker
2, 400-1100nm HD TV 2mp 10-300/17-500/12.5-800/25-1200mm, 8mp 10-600/18-1000, to 2500mm
3, IR laser Illuminator 808nm/940nm 1km-5km
4, 400-1700nm SWIR camera 17-500/12.5-800/18-1000mm
5, Thermal camera HD 25-225mm, SD 25-300/30-600/55-1100/110-1100/30-750/40-1000mm
6, Laser rangefinder 2Hz: 20/30-50km, 25km 1Hz 10mins/30-50km 5Hz/25-50km 12.5Hz 10mins
7,Laser designator rangefinder 40mJ 20km 20Hz, 60mJ 25km 20Hz, 100mJ 30km 20Hz, 150mJ 40km 20Hz
* - Note *
Product design and Technical information is subject to change without notice.
** Depending on the region of sale.

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