640x512 17microns 40mk 25/30Hz VOx Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera Core Module

1024x768 40mk LWIR Thermal Imaging Camera Module Core

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Product Description

One of the smallest, lowest-power long-wave infrared (LWIR) camera core uncooled thermal imaging modules on the market today, the TY1024MC creates sharp 1024 x 768 pixel images through rain, smoke, dust, haze, light fog and the dark of night. Utilizing a 17 / 12microns pixel pitch focal plane array, the TY1024MC allows smaller and lighter optics without compromising imaging performance.

TY640MC 1024x768 Uncooled Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Core Functional Features:
1, Denoising.

2. Digital magnification.

3. Cross hair reticle display/displacement.

4. Polarity Flip

5. Shutter Notification.

6. Contrast Adjust.

7. Imaging Enhance.

8. Brightness Adjust.

9. Background correction.

TY1024MC 1024x768 Uncooled Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Core Specifications:

Model TY1024VC
Material Uncooled Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
Spectral Response 8 ~ 14 μm
IR Resolution 1024×768, option 1280×1024.
Pixel Pitch 17 μm × 17 µm / 12 μm × 12 µm 
NETD ≤ 40mK ( F/1.0, 25ºC, typical 30mk),  option < 30mK
Operability ≥99.5%
Frame Rate 25Hz/30Hz
Image controls performance  
Image Control Imaging Enhance, denoising, Polarity: White Hot / Black Hot,
Image Adjust Contrast, Brightness, Zoom, Polarity and Shutter Notification
Input / Output
Video Output 14Bit LVCMOS/LVDS
Control Port RS232
Input voltage DC 12V, option DC 3.3V.
Power Consumption ≤2.8 W.
Environmental Adaptability
Operation Temperature -40ºC ~ +70ºC
Storage Temperature -45ºC ~ +85ºC
Humidity < 90%.
Shock resistance (G) Meet Mlitary standard GJB150
Size ≤ 45mm x 45mm x 49mm
Weight ≤ 120g
* - Note *Technical information is subject to change without notice. 
** - Depending on the region of sale.

Product Image

640x512 17microns 40mk 25/30Hz VOx Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera Core Module640x512 17microns 40mk 25/30Hz VOx Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera Core Module

TianYing 640x512/640x480 sniper thermal weapon sight see person target, if use for same detector material, same NETD and same pixel pitch, then 640x512/640x480 image is more clear and more sharper with 320x256/336x256/384x288.

TianYing 640x512/640x480 thermal imaging camera search target.

if use for same or similar detector resolution,Vanadium Oxide detector material image is more clear with Amorphous Silicon material.

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