At TianYing of measuring tracking electro-optical turret systems, 5km~50km 1Hz~20Hz laser rangefinder, 300mm~2000mm focus coaxial CCTV cameras and 150mm~1650mm focus infrared thermal cameras are widely recognized as the most innovative, highest quality made, and highest performance price rate.

S250 HD themral camera recognize moving person 4km of 30mk 1024x768 250mm f1.1 lens


China TianYing S250 thermal imaging cameras are designed for high reliability, sharp clarity image, recognition man 2500m and detection 4000m - 640x512 or 1024x768. the S250 is an ideal outstanding medium-range targeting solution in border protection and perimeter surveillance missions.

The camera is very convenient alone use and easy integrated into system. The thermal camera utilizes a high sensitivity high resolution thermal core and a 250mm big lens, offer crisp imagery and a fast wide field-of-view derived from principles as human vision, get react real-time situational awareness.

The camera features shock resistance meet battlefield weapon sight standard, a sealed ruggedized design to ensure performance in harsh desert, ocean and mountainous environments. With its equivalent 640x512 275mm focus f 5.5 lens and 640x512 240mm focus F2 lens cooled thermal camera recognition range performance, this camera give you lowest total cost of ownership.

TY-LR86 40km 2Hz Miniaturized 1570nm Eye Safe Laser Rangefinder


China TianYing TY-LR86 miniaturized 1570nm 30km ~ 40km eye safe laser rangefinder module of 2Hz for ship, measure tank 15km, man 9km~10km. Developed for 750mm f4 lens thermal camera gimbal type targeting system tasked to acquire small, moving targets, hence the 2 Hz measuring rate and the extended range.

The LRF-40km provides 1m accuracy to dynamic targets in extremely compact unit that weighs 850 g, customer enable very easy integration into compact airborne, maritime and land based optronic systems, including camera system, fire-control system etc, it is ideal for 500mm to 1200mm focus cooled thermal camera system.

The model has reached the domestic leading and world advanced level, the price can compete with Europe and North America manufacturers. With its performance, this LRF give you highest performance price rate.

1Hz continuous even 5 mins, option 5Hz continuous, then weight about 1kg with house.

10km tank max 20km ~ 30km 20Hz Laser Rangefinder Designator of 1.8kg weight

China TianYing TY-LR84 is simultaneous a high energy 20Hz 10km laser designator and laser rangefinder for 10m² vehicle in 20km visibility, matched to high altitude and long range optronic systems, provides 1m accuracy and effective range performance to dynamic targets in extremely compact unit that weighs only 1800 g.

Depending on weather conditions and target characteristics, ranges between 200 m and 30 km can be measured. Up to 1500 measurements can be carried out in 5 minutes with a measurement frequency of 5 Hz.

The laser designator rangefinder features fully military details, excellent coding compatibility, excellent coding scalability, excellent laser sensitivity, the lightest weight and the smallest size, effective on platforms from man-portability, land vehicles, ships to aero planes.

The LDR offers separate long duration measuring rate mode for tracking surveillance reconnaissance.

Communication with the LDR is established by means of a RS422 interface which forms the operational, status and maintenance interface with the LDF.

Max continuous rate 25Hz to 30Hz.

20km tank thermal camera measuring tracking surveillance electro-optics targeting system

China TianYing TY-P2 3km+ DJI 8km+ human 20km tank electro-optics system is specially designed for precise alignment, clear surveillance tracking, and accuracy measuring target moving data. the system is including coaxial wide spectral band CCTV camera, coaxial long focus cooled thermal imaging, high rate long range eye safe laser rangefinder, high accurate mid-speed turret and auto tracking function.

With its combination of a large field of view for wide-area observation and detection, and a small field of view for identification, it fulfills the highest requirements for the seamless surveillance of land and maritime borders and is equally suited for the protection of critical infrastructure.

The system features line of sight of coaxial cameras and turret is bore-sighted with laser rangefinder, then up to effective accurate measurement and air defense. The TY-P2 can be operated as a stand-alone or integrated into existing legacy operating systems. The camera is suited for use in stationary solutions - for example mounted on masts, tripods, vehicle or building structures - as well as mobile applications.

working distance:  DJI: 3km to 7km;

                               Human: 8km to 12km;

                               Vehicle: 14km to 20km

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