10km 0.5m Accuracy Military Laser Range Finder Binoculars/ Telescope

10km Handheld Monocular Military Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

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Product Description

China TianYing TY-LR66 is the smallest military monocular laser rangefinder binoculars, enable acquisition of low reflection 5 square meters targets up to 5km, building up to 10km with 0.5m accuracy and 0.2Hz measuring rate.

The monocular eye military laser rangefinder uses a Nd:Yag solid-state laser transmitter, that operates at a class 3 eye-safe wavelength of 1064nm.

The LRF-10km can also be mounted on a tripod or Goniometer for stationary use. In combination with a Goniometer, which is equipped with a compass and an inclinometer, the LRF-10km becomes a system for determination of the own position and the target position. Option add thermal night vision function.

10km 0.2Hz rate 0.5m accuracy Monocular Military Laser Rangefinder Telescope of Application:
1). Navy ship as well as the front post.

2). Scouting force

3). Artillery group

4). Shipping.

5). Localization and range for oil field.

6). Forest protection.

7). Weather service.

8). Survey and selection of positions.

10km 12ppm 0.5m accuracy monocular laser rangefinder binoculars/telescope functional Features:
1. High resolution monocular eye telescope with digital display.

2. Ocular diopter adjustment.

3. Reticle illumination.

4. Multiple target measurement.

5. Store up to 10 measurements, which can be re-called unlimited at any time.

6. RS232 interface data output.

7. Minimum range control.

8. Low voltage indication.

9. Combination with a night vision device possible.

10. Option add elevation function.

Monocular 12ppm measurement rate 0.5m accuracy 10km laser rangefinder Specifications:

Model TY-LR66
Ranging capability 5km of 2.3m x 2.3m vehicle, 10km of building.
Min measuring range ≤ 30m
Accuracy ± 0.5m
Measuring rate Max 12ppm(0.2Hz) continuous
Accuracy rate ≥ 98%
False alarm rate <1%
Multiple trget detection Yes.
Gating rang setting: 30m to 6000m
Eye safe and safe operation Yes
Laser protection Eye-glass being fitted with absorption - type protective glass.
Wavelength YAG, 1.064micron
Laser classification Class 3, up to 3B
NOHD < 500m(from binoculars' objective lens to measured target)
Built-in battery Common commercial lithium ion battery
Operating time with one battery More than 1000 ranging, more than 20 ranging after the low voltage indication appears (+25°C.), the battery can work in -40 °C.
Input / Output
Control Port RS232
Input voltage DC 12V±1.2V,
Tripod mount 1/4 inch.
Environmental Adaptability
Operation Temperature -40ºC~+60ºC, temperature shock 5°/min
Storage Temperature -50ºC~+70ºC
Relative humidity up to 98%
Level of Protection IP67, meet military standard, 1m deep 1 hours
Quality Meet MIL-STD GJB150, or MIL-STD-810.
Size ≤ 150 mm x 136 mm x 62 mm
Weight ≤ 1kg
* - Note *- The 500m is from telescope' objective lens to measured target, within the 500m can not aim man's eye. **- The binoculars' operator is eye-safe.  ***- Technical information is subject to change without notice.

Product Image

10km 0.5m Accuracy Military Laser Range Finder Binoculars/ Telescope10km 0.5m Accuracy Military Laser Range Finder Binoculars/ Telescope

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