AI Security Network PTZ 5km HD 0.0001Lux 16~500mm CCTV 100mm Thermal Camera
5km TV 100mm Thermal Camera AI Surveillance PTZ System

AI security network PTZ 5km HD 0.0001Lux 16~500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera

China TianYing TY-P8 AI security surveillance network PTZ 5km HD 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera is the best low-cost day / night intelligent behavior analysis and long range fire detection observation system.

The system is including 2MP 16.7~500mm wide spectral no chromatic aberration 0.0001Lux starlight CCTV camera, VOx 40mk 100mm fixeld focus thermal camera, multiple protections 0.03° control accuracy pan/tilt, intelligent analysis module and integrated protective housing. The system features multiple image enhancement, intelligent detection alarm, stable reliable operation and reasonable cost.

Mounted on a stabilized base, this intelligent dual sensor system provides no blind spot undetected with a 24/7 situational awareness, that can realize high precision VCA detection, fire detection and real-time alarms, mainly used for forests, border and coastal defense, grasslands, ports, military fortresses etc.

1. 2MP 0.0001Lux illumination 16.7~500mm continuous zoom no chromatic aberration CCTV camera;

2. H.265/H.264/MJPEG video encoding, 1080P 50/60fps HD real-time video;

3. Vanadium oxide 384x288 100mm fixed focus uncooled thermal imaging;

4. Multiple image enhancement such as 3x optical defog, wide dynamic, backlight compensation, strong light suppression, electronic image stabilization, 3D noise reduction etc;

5. Support intelligent alarm functions such as motion detection, cordon, area intrusion etc;

6. Support intelligent detection and identification such as ignition detection, personnel, vehicles, ships etc

7. Pan/tilt adopts worm gear and helical gear transmission structure with multiple protections, strong wind resistance, stable and reliable operation;

8. Maintenance-free 0.03° control accuracy with horizontal 360° continuous and vertical -80°~+60°;

9. Support azimuth, angle etc information collection, support proportional zoom, rotation speed can be automatically adjusted according to the lens zoom;

10. TVS6000V lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge, high low temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance,acid rain, IP66 and other multiple protection.

PTZ AI security surveillance 5km 2MP 16.7~500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera specifications:

Model TY-P8
Day Night TV Camera
Sensor 1/1.8 inch COMS 2 Megapixel 1920 x 1080 50Hz/60Hz.
Signal to noise ratio ≥57dB (AGC OFF)
Electronic Shutter Speed 1~1/30,000s
Coding format H.265(MP)/H.264(HP/MP/BP)/MJPEG
Video bit rate 32Kbps~16Mbps
Storage Capabilities TF card, up to 256G
Network Protocol ONVIF, GB/T 28181-2016, CGI
Min. Illumination Color: 0.0002Lux; B/W: 0.0001Lux; 
White Balance Auto/Manual/Lock White Balance/Fluorescent/Incandescent/Warm/Natural Light
Image enhancement 3x optics defog, super wide dynamic, electronic image stabilization, strong light suppression, 3D Noise Reduction etc
Image adjustment Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, support corridor mode, flip
Wavelength range 400nm ~ 1100nm (0.4~0.7μm daylight, 0.7μm~1.1μm NIR)
Field of View (3.75um-LAN),° Approx 24.7° x 13.8° ~ 0.82° x 0.46°
Focal Length 16.7~500mm continuous optical zoom
Aperture F6~F10.9
Close-up distance, m Approx 5m
Lens control electric zoom, electric/auto focus, electric/auto optical filter
Viewing distance ≥5km (can be 10km, even more than 11km) for human
Option 4MP 10~300mm continuous optical zoom TV camera
Thermal Camera
Sensor Uncooled vox sensor
Resolution 384 x 288
Pixel Size 12μm
Spectral range 8μm~14μm
NETD ≤40mK@25ºC,F#1.0
Focal Length 100mm
Frame Rate 25Hz
Digital Magnification 2x, 4x
Fire detection distance ≥5km for 2m×2m fire source target
AI Intelligent analysis
Fire point detection support
Fire area shielding support
Thermal imaging detection alarm Support area intrusion, montion detection, boundary detection, out of the area detection and alarm functions
Pyrotechnic identification Support, the minimum identification of 1×1 pixel fire point
Abnormal temperature alarm Support
Personnel detection Support
Vehicle detection Support
Video analysis Motion detection, occlusion alarm, cordon, area intrusion, area departure, personnel gathering, etc., support humanoid and vehicle-shaped recognition to effectively reduce environmental interference false alarms
Carrying capacity 25kg(top load)
Control accuracy 0.03° (normal 0.06° position accuracy)
Direction range azimuth:360° continuous; elevation:+60°~-80°
Directing speed range for azimuth 0.01°/s to 45°/s
Directing speed range for elevation 0.01°/s to 25°/s
Presets 256 presets
Function Cruise, proportional zoom, power-off memory, 3D positioning, watch, scheduled task
Communication protocol Pelco-D
Material Precise casting aluminum alloy
Input / Output
Power supply DC24V ~ 48V
Network interface 1×10Base-T/100Base-TX,RJ45
Control interface RS485
Audio interface 1 x audio input, 1 x audio output
Alarm interface 2 x alarm input, 1 x alarm output
Environmental Adaptability
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Working humidity 10% to 95%
Windproof Strong wind resistance
Protection grade IP66, TVS6000V lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge
Power ≤200W (including heating)
Weight Approx 29kg
Packing and Warranty
Standarding accessories packing hard case, user's manual, video cable, power cable
Warranty 1 year warranty
Note: *- Technical information is subject to change without notice. ** -Depending on the region of sale.
*** - Option add thermal camera.


AI surveillance PTZ 5km 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera see 6km AI surveillance PTZ 5km 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera see 6km stone and light poleAI surveillance PTZ 5km 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera see towerAI surveillance PTZ 5km 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera see tower

AI surveillance PTZ 5km 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera  see 15km high-tension tower on mountain with defogAI surveillance PTZ 5km 500mm CCTV 100mm thermal camera see 15km high-tension tower on mountain with defog

320X256 100mm thermal camera detect man320X256 100mm thermal camera detect man

HD500 2MP 16mm~500mm coaxial zoom no chromatic aberration CCTV camera see tower

HD500P 2MP 16mm~500mm coaxial zoom no chromatic aberration CCTV camera see colored roof and lightning rod

Hig accurate coaxial zoom defog surveillance security CCTV camera align target

HD800 2MP 12.5mm~800mm coaxial zoom no chromatic aberration NIR CCTV camera see 40km lighthouse(42km) on the islands, we have done simultaneous field tests, many 1000mm and 1200mm focal length lens CCTV cameras can not see this island with the distance, including famous brands, then do not mention the lighthouse too, only their price is cheap.