20km Maritime Electro-Optics Precision Targeting System

TY-S20 4 axis 20km Maritime Electro-Optics Precision Targeting System

China TianYing TY-S20 maritime electro-optics precision targeting system deliver auto tracking boat 20km, recognition moving human 12.5km and measurement target moving data in the harshest sea environment.

TY-S20 maritime thermal imaging camera system offer precise information and clear view, which is why TianYing Optical seeks to offer the most reliable surveillance solution. It is a fully stabilized, compactly designed surveillance system which bundles various state-of-the-art sensors. Thus, offering the user a large variety of functions comprised in only one device.

The TY-S20 thermal camera system is mainly installed in platforms on ships or land vehicles for defense and security task. It is available as a stand-alone unit or can be fully integrated into CMS and bridge systems, independently perform surveillance, reconnaissance and target detection task when the radar fails to work normally.

TY-S20 20 4-axis gyro stability turret 20km maritime cooled thermal camera system features:
1) Stable 360 degrees continuous turn gimble with -20 degrees to +120 degrees elevation.

2) 4-axis gyro stabilization, the stabilization accuracy: typical 20μradian.

3) High sensitivity 3-5μm 640x512 cooled thermal core with 18.3°-0.73° optical zoom, recognize suspect human activities up to 12.5km.

4) High resolution fully automatic visible light CCD camera with continuous optical zoom.

5) High performance diode-pumped high frequency long range laser range finder or laser rangefinder designator.

6) Multi-model auto tracker and stable auto tracking boat target 20km.

7) Human bionics controller.

8) Less than 104 cubic decimeter in size.

9) Less than 50kg in total weight.

10) Working temperature: -40°C to + 55°C and protection level IP66.

11) Tightly-coupled fully-integrated IMU and accurate target geo-location capability.

12)Support radar tracking and output target coordinate.

TY-S20 maritime cooled thermal camera system recommended use:
1) Maritime Patrol.

All weather surveillance, day/night long stand-off range detection, identification and tracking of naval targets.

2) Search and Rescue

All weather, day/night detection of naval units in distress and/or men at sea.

3) Coast Guard/Police Operations.

All weather, day/night detection and identification of illegal activities (immigration, smuggling, poaching, etc...).

4) Sentinel duties.

All weather, day/night support to independently perform surveillance, reconnaissance, target detection and track task when radar fails to work normally.

TianYing electric optical turret system thermal camera auto tracking airplane.

TianYing 640x512/640x480/1024x768 thermal camera search target.

TianYing 640x512/640x480 thermal imager see person target.

TianYing 640x512/640x480/1024x768 continuous focus uncooled thermal camera search target.

Uncooled 384x288 35um detector with 80mm focus lens and 100mk NETD