20km~40km 20Hz eye safe laser rangefinder 150mJ designator

20km~40km 20Hz eye safe laser rangefinder 150mJ designator

Model No.︰TY-xx07

Brand Name︰TingYing

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰5 set

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Product Description

China TianYing TY-xx07 is simultaneous a high energy laser designator and 1.5µm eye safe rangefinder, matched to high altitude and long range optronic systems, provides 1m accuracy and 20Hz rate performance to fast moving targets in extremely compact unit that weighs 3400 g.

The laser designator rangefinder features fully military details, excellent coding compatibility, excellent coding scalability, excellent laser sensitivity, the lightest weight and the smallest size, effective on platforms from man-portability, land vehicles, ships to aero planes.

The LRF-D offers separate long duration measuring rate mode for tracking surveillance reconnaissance; communication with the LRF-D is established by means of a RS422 interface which forms the operational, status and maintenance interface with the LRF-D.

TY-xx07 Laser Designator Rangefinder Module Features:
1). Diode-Pumped ND:YAG energy ≥150 mJ, typical about 180mJ;

2). Externally slaved/Internally coded/Insert coded;

3). Typically designator tank 15km of 20 Hz;

4). Up to 50 km ranging capability, typical 5m² plane >20km and up to 23km of 20Hz(tank >16km);

5). Class 1 eye safe transmitter ranging 20km 20Hz of 1.5µm.

6). Accuracy ≤  1 m (RMS) for target ranges;

7). Good environmental adaptability;

8). Miniaturized design, weight ≤ 3.4 kg with house.

1). UAV electro-optical platform;

2). Man-portable electro-optical platform;

3). Other electro-optical platforms;

4). Laser guidance;

5). Laser decoy.

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High accurate coaxial zoom defog surveillance security CCTV camera align target with NIR

HD800 2MP 12.5mm~800mm coaxial zoom no chromatic aberration NIR CCTV camera see 40km lighthouse(42km) on the islands, we have done simultaneous field tests, many 1000mm and 1200mm focal length lens plus 2x extender CCTV cameras can not see this island with the distance, including famous brands, then do not mention the lighthouse too, only their price is cheap.