30km 4MP 25~1200mm best coaxial zoom spotter cctv camera

30km 4MP 25~1200mm best coaxial zoom spotter cctv camera

Model No.︰HD1200P-LAN

Brand Name︰TianYing

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

China TianYing HD1200P-LAN 30km tank surveillance security EO coaxial zoom no chromatic aberration spotter IR CCTV camera is the world's leading visual optronic sensor, engineered to precisely aim and align targets instantly when seen, specifically use in an airborne, marine and land tactical platforms.

Only a compact EO camera replaces traditional continuous zoom, spotter, multi-spectral, HD no chromatic aberration color, NIR, low light and supper defog all TVS. Ruggedly built and sized to leave a tiny footprint, it stands up to harsh environmental conditions and fits into the most tightly constrained spaces.

The camera features a compact, domestic, digital, multiple AI technologies intelligent, presetting, multi-schema database, concise, integration, focus coplanar design, wide spectrum, global exposure 4MP 1/1.8-inch sensor and 25~1200mm high precision coaxial zoom pure optical 120mm inlet diameter big lens.

Mounted on a stabilized platform, this high-performance camera captures crisp sharp images of high color saturation and precisely aligns targets with extraordinary accuracy simultaneously, that can deliver aligning target do not move and do not jump when zoom. In addition, its outstanding near-infrared effect can outperform many short-wave infrared ones.

Recommended Use:
1. Accurate measuring aim.

2. Accurate weapon sight.

3. Accurate defense.

4. Accurate target tracking.

5. Accurate anti-missile.

6. High precision aerial photo and surveillance of crisp sharp images with high color saturation.

Comparative advantage features:
1. No chromatic aberration design, the edge of the telephoto image is sharp, clean and complete;

2. High precision long and short focal coaxial zoom;

3. No jumping during zooming;

4. Multiple AI technologies intelligent, multi-schema database, 3x supper defog ability and better effect;

5. Datalization: real-time data backhaul, focal length preset, focusing preset, specify focal length etc;

6. Operates from -40 degrees to +60 degrees without temperature compensation and without heating;

7. Crisp sharp images of high color saturation is conducive to the detection of long range and small targets, and multiplication of recognition ability;

8. Large depth of field in long focal length, fast smooth zoom with stable real-time image and no image blackout;

9. Ultra-small size, ultra-light weight, Swiss motor level life and ultra-high impact resistance intensity;

10. Anti-airpalne above 70km have been proven.

4MP 25~1200mm coaxial zoom no chromatic aberration SWIR CCTV camera specifications:

Model HD1200P
Detect range Approx 20km for human, Approx 30km for 6m x 3m vehicle/boat
Recognize range Approx 11km for human, Approx 27km for 6m x 3m vehicle/boat
Effective sensor size Global exposure micron
Effective Pixels > 2 Megapixel, option 4MP, 5MP, 8MP.
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Frame Rate 25Hz/30Hz.
Signal to noise ratio ≥50dB (AGC OFF), option ≥90dB
Electronic Defog Yes
Wavelength range 400nm ~ 1100nm (0.4~0.7μm daylight, 0.7μm~1.1μm NIR SWIR)
Field of View (3.45um-SDI),° Approx 15.1° x 8.5° ~ 0.31° x 0.17°
Field of View (3.75um-LAN),° Approx 16.4° x 9.2° ~ 0.34° x 0.19°
Focal Length 25mm~1200mm continuous optical zoom.
Aperture F4.8~F10 (120mm effective inlet diameter)
Close-up distance, m Approx 5m
Focus Quick automatic with no shift, including switching mode
No chromatic aberration Yes
Through-zoom boresight ≤ 5 pixel deviation, option 2 pixels and 10~20pixels deviation
Large depth of field in long focal length Yes
Coplanar visible light and infrared Yes, including short focal length and long focal length
Rear focal adjustment electric
Real-time data backhaul  focal length preset, focusing preset,specify focal length position etc
Digitalization(real-time) Data backhaul, preset bit, focusing bit, specify focal length etc
AI Intellectualization  Multi-schema database, 3x optics filter IR supper defog etc
Motor life  Swiss motor level
Optical zoom time + focus time Approx 13 seconds with basically real-time focus
Lens control electric zoom, electric/auto focus, electric/auto optical filter
Input / Output
Power supply DC12 ±10%
Video output HDSDI/EXSDI digital, CVBS analog; 
  Option LAN network video: RJ45 H.265/H.264/MJPEG, BNC
Image Control
Control interface RS422
Environmental Adaptability
Operating Temperature(no heater) -40°C to +60°C , temperature shock 5°/min
Storage Temperature -50ºC to +70ºC
Impact resistance and shock-proof (G) Meet relevant standard, up to ultra-high impact resistance
Length and weight without house Approx 499mm, Approx. 9.12kg, with copper structure and bracket
Length and weight with seal house Approx 690mm, Approx 30kg,with electric lens cap, anti-salt spray
Packing and Warranty
Standarding accessories packing  hard case, user's manual, details test report, video cable, power cable
Warranty 1 year warranty and free lifetime maintenance.
Note: *- Technical information is subject to change without notice. ** -Depending on the region of sale.
*** - Option add normal house and sealing house.


1, Why normal telehoto CCTV camera can not see human 10km? such as telehoto 1000mm, 1200mm etc.

Because their focal length data is not real, their focal length is not pure optics, their lens diameter is too small, their telephoto image is not clear, or their defog is bad;

Such as 1200mm is only 1000mm real focal length, then plus 2x extender said 2400mm focal length, even 770mm-800mm is only 400mm real focal length.

When telephoto image is clear, sharp and crisp with with high color saturation, then, discernment will be multiplied; also, normal long range have fog, especially the sea and the jungle.

2, Why the 2MP camera image is better than some 8MP and even 8K camera?

Because the camera is no chromatic aberration design that image is clear and sharp with high color saturation, including telephoto edge image.

3, Why many 750mm/ 1000mm/ 1200mm focal length CCTV surveillance camera is only used for 3km-5km laser rangefinder?

Because their optical axis can not align target, such as 2mrad accuracy is 2m for 1000m distance and 6m for 3000m distance.

then their camera can not shoot 3km vehicle, so their laser rangefinder task is only roughly measurement.

4, Why the 2MP camera price is much higher than normal CCTV camera?

Because the camera is coaxial zoom with no chromatic aberration, rapid auto, supper defog, wide spectrum, shockproof, compact size and ultra-long life, also image quality can compete with some SLR camera.

Product Image

2MP 25~1200mm coaxial zoom no chromatic aberration defog SWIR NIR CCTV camera can see 12km lightning rod on the watchtower

High accurate coaxial zoom defog surveillance security CCTV camera align target with NIR

HD800 2MP 12.5mm~800mm coaxial zoom no chromatic aberration NIR CCTV camera see 40km lighthouse(42km) on the islands, we have done simultaneous field tests, many 1000mm and 1200mm focal length lens plus 2x extender CCTV cameras can not see this island with the distance, including famous brands, then do not mention the lighthouse too, only their price is cheap.